All you need to know about FIFA18


    When EA sports declared that FIFA 17 would be powered by Frostbite which is a gaming tech used to drive the graphically outstanding Battlefield series, that was used in Battlefield 1. The FIFA series fans were expecting the game to be epic, and as it turns out to it was so. FIFA 17 was more popular for the realistic gameplay and the ability to shape the journey of Alex Hunter who was protagonist of the game. With all the upgrades and additions on FIFA17 the fans were eager to know more about the next installment FIFA 18. In this article we provide the detailed information of all that one needs to know about FIFA 18.


    FIFA 18 Release Date

    Since we do not have any confirmed news about the release date for FIFA 18 yet but according to the rumors that are pouring in we understand the fact that it will be in late September 2017, most likely on 26 September. Since the previous games were all released on the month of September, namely FIFA 17 was released on 27 September, FIFA 16 on 22 September 2015 and FIFA 15 on 23 September 2014, we feel that this would be the same for FIFA18 as well.

    FIFA 18 Price

    Based on FIFA 17, that the game FIFA 18 will cost £49.99. The PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC versions all have that RRP, however their prices vary as depending on the retailer. Certain seller will discount FIFA 18 at launch and throughout its life to win more sales in case it gains the immense popularity like the FIFA17. So when September 2017 the FIFA18 would be hitting the stores, the cost of the game would be something around £49.99.

    The Platforms for FIFA 18

    FIFA 18 will very likely t be out on the usual platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. FIFA 17 was also released for PS3 and Xbox 360.While we are unlikely to see a new PlayStation, we could see Xbox’s Project Scorpio. Considering that we feel that the FIFA 18 is going to be the next best thing for having the virtual reality of playing football. These are the platform which would have the compatibility for FIFA18.

    Thus in conclusion we can say that FIFA 18 would be bringing in a lot of upgrades and changes that is going to make the gaming experience better than the last versions which was quite popular. Considering that we all can check out the wish list of FIFA 18 and find out what are the changes and features that are going to be included in FIFA 18. The fact that the release date of FIFA 18 has not been officially announced all we can do is wait till the news starts to pour in regarding the changes and eventually the release date.