Best Dash Cam Buying Guide


In today’s fast moving world, the roads are filled with cars and heavy motor vehicles. To avoid suing public transportation, people have started driving their own vehicles due to which all sorts of drivers are driving fearlessly. This bunch of drivers consists of young, experienced, drunk and amateur drivers. Few people have got their cars insured while others are just, roaming without any car insurance. To protect your cars from getting rammed by another amateur driver, the best way is to install a dashboard camera. Now, more than luxury, installing a dashboard camera has become a necessity. Previously, people just used to avoid installing the dashboard cameras as they were costly but now the cost of the dash cams have come down drastically. In this article, we have listed few tips to select the best dash cam from the market.

Goluk T3 Dashcam

Dash cam with increased memory

Many a time it happens that the dash cam keeps on recording the things which were not important or nothing happened to the car during those recording hours. In such cases, the memory of dash cameras get full and they automatically stop recording until you manually deleted the old videos. However, if you decide to go for a dashboard camera with increased memory then it would reduce the hassle of manually deleting the video after few days. You can also set a reminder for deleting the videos periodically.

Battery powered dashboard camera

Most of the old fashioned dashboard cameras need to be plugged in the vehicle for them to start recording. However, if you forgot to plug the camera and incidentally, the car got cranked that day then you will not have any recording pertaining to the accident. Thus it is important that you go for a battery powered dash cam that starts recording as soon as the car gets hit.

Better HD quality

A dashboard camera is for you to check if your car gets rammed by any other car when your car was parked in the parking lot. In case, the HD quality of the dashboard camera was not good then you won’t be able to do anything. Sometimes you need to check the license plate of the car that rammed your car from the rear end and it the picture quality is not good then you won’t be able to do anything.

Automatic motion detection technology

The new age dashboard camera has inbuilt motion detection technology that starts recording as soon as it detects any motion near your car even if your car is parked in the lot. This helps to record movements of other cars parked near your cars so if anyone dents your car when it was parked, it gets recorded.

There are several dashboard cameras available in the market today but you need to keep the tips in mind before buying the best dash cam. If a product is able to provide you safety and can help you claim insurance for car damage caused by other car drivers then if definitely deserves your attention. so read our detail dash cam reviews before buying the product.