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The third quarter of almost all years in the last decade had been quite eventful in the mobile market and 2014 was no exception to that. We got to witness the release of the flagship smartphones of 2014 and each and every one of them deserve a round of applause for its unique features. Google’s Nexus 6 is one of the flagship smartphones of 2014 which was launched in the month of October. This time Google has tied up with Motorola for manufacturing this advanced smartphone. By now Nexus fans must have started exploring options for placing preorders for this phone and to help them we have citied in this article some of the best quality accessories of Google Nexus 6 that you would definitely need for protecting your phone against all wear and tear.

nexus 6 acceries

Nexus 6 Cases

Investing on a good quality case is absolutely necessary for the expensive Nexus 6. You will definitely get an amazing range of perfectly compatible Nexus 6 casing in The first among them is Ringke SLIM case for Nexus 6 which has a top and bottom covering protecting the phone from all sides. The cover is really sleek and it would not make your phone appear bulky. Moreover, it is being provided with Rearth’s efficiency engineering that ensures better grip over the phone. It also comes with a HD screen protector that will guard the display of the phone.  This cover is available in four colors i.e. black, white, mint and gunmetal.

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On you will find a range of Ringke Nexus 6 cover in different styles but the same protective features, like Ringke MAX Motorola Nexus 6 Case, Ringke Fusion Motorola Nexus 6 case, thereby giving the buyers a range of options to choose from.

Spigen, the renowned smartphone case manufacturer has also launched an air cushioned Nexus 6 case that have black panel on all sides. The case is made from amalgamation of TPU and Polycarbonate that gives the phone dual protection. The flexible edges of the cover give the phone a chic appearance. Moreover, this cover comes with air cushion technology that gives extra protection to the phone just in case it falls from your hand. It comes in two color variants gunmetal and crystal white. Another style of Motorola Nexus 6 cover is also available on named Spigen Armor Case which has the same protective features but a completely different look.

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Nexus 6 Screen-guard

Screen-guard is another important accessory that you would definitely need if you are using a smartphone as you would not like to see endless number of scratches on the screen. If you are looking screenguard for Nexus 6 try Supersheildz’s Anto Bubble that comes with lifetime warranty. The screen-guard is made of high definition transparent film that ensures maximum resolution and the screen will remain very sensitive. It is 100% bubble free and the plastic is made from PET film. Moreover, it is perfectly compatible for your phone. Another variety of screen protector: Invisible Defender Motorola Nexus 6 (save $15) is also available in that is manufactured by Ringke and is of extremely superior quality.

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