Best Quadcopters Flight Simulator


If you have been in search for some budget friendly and/or free flight simulator for your quadcopters/drone, here is your chance to find one from the list that we have got for you. There are many of them to choose from and you won’t be disappointed on using any of them.


Searching for your Flight Simulator

Well, now that you are here, you obviously will find yourself a flight simulator sooner or later. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while you are buying yourself a simulator.

The classic RC plane simulators come with models that work well with quadcopters; however, there are few options in that category and no configuration options available for Tricopter and/or Hexacopter. While you look for you simulator, ensure that the radio transmitter supports the software for simulation.

Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

Phoenix RC 4 is not very realistic in its features but the kind of support and flight it has to offer is just as smooth as that of a feather. Even when throttled, it comes down like a glider.   As of no two models are available for use!

Now here is the most amazing feature to the simulator; it has the option to edit the flying field so that the flyer can drag/drop objects into the same.

But, you need a USB adapter to use it as there is not free version available!
The simulator can be rated a 7 on 10 for its graphics and the overall appeal.

Heli-X Simulator

The graphics though are average; the simulator has two modes to offer, namely, self-level and acro. In the free version, Phantom is the available model as of now. It is good enough and one can practice as well as do FPV with it. The physics for this simulator is highly equipped and it has an amazing punch when power is concerned

The software has been built keeping in mind multicopters. However, there are many more functions that can still be acquired.

The simulator is efficient enough and is likeable due to its unlimited free flight!
The simulator could be rated a good 8.5!

AeroSim RC

the simulator has great graphics and has a number of features available for use. It works perfectly fine and flying it will make the flight smooth. Also, not to miss out on the wonderful aerial photography that can be practiced with the multirotor! However, there might be some minor improvements that could be easily implemented!


After having analysed all the major simulators, we can conclude that there is still a lot better that they can do, but these are the best ones among their own self. Not to forget, they do have done well in their individual way.

If you are looking for simulators for free and for easy use, you must not miss out on this! Happy flying and happy transmitting!do not forget to check our buying guide for Drones for Sale.