Google Nexus 6 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Images, concept design

The recently released Nexus 5 turned out to be a rage in the market with millions of buyers thronging to stores. It was strongly considered a burly contender for many high-range smartphones and came with a superb display screen loaded with applications of the latest version of Android. Speculations are rife over the release of Google Nexus 6 which will be launched by Motorola under the wings of Lenovo. All of the limelight is being focused on vanilla Android device’s capabilities and build. The upcoming version of Nexus will be built by LG and launched by Motorola in the market on a grand scale this year.

Nexus 6The handset will be slim and will weight relatively lesser than that of its antecedent model. The operating system will be the latest model of Android which will be backed by a very powerful processor that will minimize any scope of lags in the functionality in the device. Certainly after Nexus 5, avid aficionados will naturally be expecting more from LG in the next model of Nexus and this is one of the reasons why the manufacturers have left no stones unturned while designing the model.

LG might lose alliance with Google

This might just be the last project of LG with Google as reports say that Google is looking for a new player to hand over the Nexus project. If speculations are to be relied upon, then Google might just be bringing Motorola into the picture probably owing to the fact that they are one of the oldest manufacturers of mobile phones. Nexus project is certainly Google’s flagship project which is why it is looking forward to the most worthy enterprise that can handle and justify the project. Thus, with the flagship project granted to Lenovo and Motorola, we can say that Nexus is in good hands. It is being said that the new version of Nexus 6 will take Apply iPhone 6 head-on when both of the models are released in the market. At present, the development stages of both of the models are underway and Google is leaving no stones unturned while ensuring that Nexus 6 stands above all other smartphones.

Nexus 6_Rear

The specifications of Nexus 6 will be jaw-dropping as these are absolutely new to the market. Google plans to set a benchmark through its flagship project by giving loading Nexus 6 with the most upmarket technology available in the present day and age. Mentioned below are some of the features and specifications that will be offered by the latest marvel of Nexus project.

True 8-core processor chip

Last year, with the release of Samsung Galaxy S4, tech aficionados were introduced to the concept of Octa-core processing chips and an eight-core function is umpteen times better than quad-core processor that only has the capacity to take relatively lesser load than that of its former counterpart. These chips work in unison and are fired up at the same instant of time so that optimum performance can be delivered by the device. If Google wishes to collaborate with Samsung and obtain its compatriot company’s Exynos chips, then the operating system can be a 64-bit one. But it all depends on whether Google has kept its options open to set ties with Samsung. Having a strong processor chipset works wonders for the device as it allows the user to open multiple applications at a time without hindering the functioning speed of the device at all. This is one of the reasons why the manufacturers chose to pump the device with an 8-core chip instead of the standard dual core or quad core.

4GB RAM or perhaps more

Last year, Samsung came out with 3GB RAM for smartphones when it released Galaxy S4 along with Galaxy Note 3. This record was beaten by Apple soon when it came with the 5S series of iPhones that are remarkably fast. If the chip of Google Nexus 6 is a 64-bit one, then 4GB will be the minimum RAM available with the Smartphone. RAM goes a long way in facilitating smooth performing of different operations of the device which is one of the reasons why Google chose a minimum of 4GB RAM so that there are no hindrances or compromises when it comes to performance of the device.

Colossally large display with 2K resolution

When Nexus 5 was released, people were enthralled to see its screen as the size was close to 5 inches. This time, Google is all set to create a fresh new benchmark among all smartphones as rumours say that the new upgraded model might be having 5.5-inch screen or 6 inches possibly making it one of the largest smartphones ever made till date. Furthermore, the screen will be having a resolution of 2K which might even be the minimum resolution count as per the display features of the phone.

16-20 MP Rear Camera

Presently there are people who are quite cynical when it comes to praising a camera just by seeing its megapixels. Usually, cameras between 8MP to 20MP are revered as superb and one can expect Google Nexus 6 to have a camera that falls in the same megapixels range. Thus, all eyes are on the latest model of Nexus as Google has promised that it will launch Nexus 6 on a global level and is quite positive about its response in the international market.

Google Nexus 6 specifications

  • True octa-core, 2.4Ghz+ processor
  • 64GB and 128GB memory versions
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • 20MP ultra low light sensitivity camera sensor
  • 5.5-6 inches 2K UHD resolution display
  • 3100 mAh battery
  • Finger print and other security sensor
  • Health, atmosphere and thermo sensor

Concept design of Nexus 6

As has been envisioned by critics and tech freaks, the latest model of Nexus will be curved giving a close semblance to LG’s G-Flex. The screen should be 5.5-6 inches with a self-healing back cover providing a better durability and resistance against impact. There will be dual-LED flash and internal memory is expected to be 32GB/64GB/128GB. The manufacturers will emphasize on the strength of the screen to bear impact even if the phone falls on the ground. Henceforth, special emphasis has been given to the exoskeleton of the phone in order to make it rigid. here is some of the concept design of Nexus 6

Nexus 6_front

 Release date of Nexus 6

The latest model of Google will be having the latest version of Android installed in it and will come with loads of new as well as revered Android applications. This version of Android will be much better than the versions that have already come by now. This might just by version Android 5, lollipop (Android L). Speculations tell us that Google along with Motorola and Lenovo will finally be releasing the model in the market by the second quarter of the year possibly during the time window of April end to the beginning of May depending upon the market.