iOS 11: New Operating System to Sport an Upgraded Siri?


An operating system is one of the most crucial things about a device as the gadget functions according to its features. The operating system allows the devices to run a particular program or an application and an OS for Smartphones start functioning right after the device is turned on. It shows the icons on the screens and allows the users to get an access to all the applications on his/her phone. The Android OS might be appreciated by innumerable users but the iOS provides more convenient features according to all the Apple fanatics. Some of the Apple users have even felt that they might not shift to Android as iOS is way more hassle free and comes up with the most latest upgrades with the launch of every new iOs. The iOS 10 was made available to all the users in on June 13, 2016 and the 3D touch feature was quite well received by them. Apart from that the operating system also came up with digital messages option as the users could send digital text messages to their loved ones through iMessage. Even the interface of Maps was redesigned and the users could make app-specific requests through Siri. Another intriguing feature about the iOS 10 was the upgrade in Photos, as one could make photo stories through the pictures clicked by them. And now the Apple fanatics cannot wait for the American multinational company to roll out the next operating system iOS 11. Apple has not yet announced an official release date for its next operating system but reports suggest that iOS 11 release date might be September 2017.


By getting an insight into each and every speculation which are at rife, the iOS is predicted to be something which the users can’t even imagine of. Therefore, it is definitely going to be more convenient than its predecessors. Reports state that this time there might be a major upgrade in Siri, the previous operating system by apple already made it compatible with third party applications and now the users want Siri to be compatible with various other applications.

The American Multinational company has not yet made its iPhone virtual reality compatible and this time the users are hoping the Ios 11 to come up with a VR feature. Apple end up adding the VR feature to the iOS 11 as virtual reality is taking over the tech world these days.

Apple has always made sure to look after the safety of its users and this time the company may take a step further by providing a better and a safer Apple Pay through its next operating system. And Apple might mull over this feature as these days hackers have started emerging on a larger extent.

The Control Center was upgraded by Apple but the users cannot personalize it according to their choice so let’s hope that option is available this time. However, the users have a lot of expectations from Apple’s upcoming operating system as the iOS 11 is surely going to sport some first-rate features.