Google Nexus 6 Concept Design

Who out of you regularly check the pages of web to stay updated with latest happenings in tech world? Those who do, must be familiar with ongoing rumor mill about Nexus 6, which is supposed to be next member of Nexus line-up. Many rumors, concepts have surfaced so far. Interestingly, every concept has got its own tale to yell. Anyways, one thing is sure is that these continuously coming rumors are taking curiosity of everyone to higher level. We’ve covered almost every rumor, concept that has knocked off so far. But this time, we’re here with our own concept about what could be there in Nexus 6 device. Explaining in details the same in this article.

Nexus 6 Design

nexus 6 concept design

We expect Google Nexus 6 to stun us all with its impressive design. Improvement in design from every angle is what we expect to see. Do keep reading ahead to see what our concept says about Nexus 6’s design.

Nexus 6 Front 

nexus 6 concept design1

The front side of Nexus 6 concept is sleek and stylish. The edges are rounded which take the attraction level to new peak. There are no hard buttons in the front side. The display size is 6.0-inches. We expect so because the customers are pretty pleased on using big-sized Android devices. It’s era of Android gaming, movies and all. So big screen size is always a plus point in device’s specs. 6-inch size may seem too big for a few, but it’s not so if we compare to what we are getting, and are about to get in the upcoming devices from other companies.

Nexus 6 Rear 

nexus 6 concept design2

In this concept specifically, the back side is black with Nexus written on it in horizontal manner. At the bottom lies the speakers that are meant to deliver a superior sound quality. The upper side houses the rear camera. The backside is simple yet attractive.

Nexus 6 Side

nexus 6 concept design3

We expect to see curved part in the side. Nexus 6 with curved side will be watchful, right? The left side houses the Volume control button and port for charging.

Technical Specs

Coming to technical part, we expect Nexus 6 to come with Snapdragon 805 SoC processor clocked at 2.5GHz. This much speed will surely deliver a smooth experience to users in gaming and running multiple apps. 4GB of RAM in the device will bring more shine in the speed part.

Talking about the something that matters for photography enthusiasts, means talking about camera part, we expect to get 20MP rear view camera in this upcoming Nexus smartphone. Along with good MP rating, we expect to see improvement in camera’ s software part as well.

If you love to listen to music, then you will fall in love with Nexus 6, as it’s most likely to come with BoomSound speakers at its back side.

Android L is the operating system that will be part of Nexus 6. So, be ready to taste the new era of Android.

Release Date and Price

As per the multiple rumors, Nexus 6 will likely hit the stores later this year. We don’t expect it to have price tag anything higher than the current Nexus device. The cheapest possible price will help it cross the heat of competition.

Final Words

Our concept of Nexus 6 has been designed by taking care of all possibilities based on past, future and other concepts. Take it with pinch of salt. The official words are what you should digest properly. Of course, a long time to pass to have them.