Nexus 6 vs. LG G3 – Detailed Early Comparison


With the growing smartphone industry, it’s becoming hard for a customer to opt for the best device meant for him/her. If you are interested in spending money in any flagship device, then LG G3 is likely to be known name for you, no? This latest LG-tagged flagship device made its entry in the market in May, this year. While the device has got attractive features, many are still confused about whether to go for this one, or to wait for the Nexus 6, which is rumored to hit the market in October or November of this year.  If you are among confused people, then this article is meant for you.

lg g3 vs nexus 6

Display and Body

Gigantic 5.5-inches display with impressive resolution of  2,560 x 1,440 pixels is what these both flagships feature. Yet another interesting thing is the pixel strength, which is again same for both devices- 534 ppi. So, as far as the display is concerned, both devices are just fabulous.

Well, if outer body matters for you, then you will find difference in both devices. LG G3 has plastic used as its exterior. But, it has metal effect which gives the feel as it’s got metal outer look. Nexus 6 is likely to come with aluminium edges along with the thin bezels. Maybe this is going to happen because of sadness among users on getting cheap plastic outer look in the predecessor, the Nexus 5. Nexus 6 is rumored to be water and dust resistant, while sadly, the LG G3 does not have this property.

Hardware and Memory 

The LG G3 comes with quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801) Krait 400 processor, which is clocked at impressive 2.5GHz speed. If we take rumors anything to go with, the Nexus 6 is likely to come with quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 805) Krait 450 processor which will be clocked at 2.7GHz speed. An octa-core MT6752 SoC with 2.0 GHz clock speed, or quad-core MT6732 64-bit processor with 2.0GHz clock speed could be there in Nexus 6, as per the report of KnowYourMobile.

Both devices have 16GB and 32GB variants. LG G3 supports maximum of 128GB microSD card. Nothing is known if the expansion feature will be there in Nexus 6.


LG G3 runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat version. The software part is pretty impressive in this flagship device by LG, but Nexus 6 is most likely to take over it, as it’s rumored to run Android 5.0, the Android L version.

Camera and Battery

The Primary Camera in both smartphones in talk is 13MP. The camera of LG G3 features Dual-LED flash, while those of Nexus 6 features only an LED flash. Secondary Camera in LG G3 is 2.1MP, while in Nexus 6, it’s 5MP.

LG G3’s camera has capability to record 4K (3,840 x 2,160) videos. Nothing is known about what would be record quality of Nexus 6’s camera. Selfie mode and Laser Autofocus Sensor are the features in LG G3’s camera that have been praised by everyone. It will be interesting to see what Nexus 6 offers in camera software part to give a tough competition to LG G3.

LG G3 has battery with 3,000 mAh rating, while the Nexus 6 is likely to pack battery with 3,100 mAh rating. Not a big difference in the battery part.

Other Features

Fingerprint scanner and outer part with dust/water proof resistance are likely to be part of Nexus 6. Such features are absent in LG G3. Both devices support NFC feature. The feature that makes both devices better than all available in the market, is 2K resolution. Viewing is of best quality in both smartphones.


If you are living in Australia, you can get LG G3 in your hands by paying  AU$759.95. LG-D855 model is what you get for this amount. It features 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM.

As per report of 91Mobiles, the Nexus 6 is likely to have price tag of Rs. 40,000. Since it’s not any confirmed news, so take it with grain of salt.


Choice of one out of these two depends on which feature is most concerned for you. A tough fight is soon to be started in the tech market. Like you, we’re also curiously waiting for the launch of Nexus 6.