One such accessory of Samsung Galaxy S8 we have been waiting for


    With the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, the fans of the manufacturing company Samsung seems to have their doubts with the productions of Samsung. But according to the latest news we hear that Samsung has planned to go overboard with their latest production Samsung Galaxy s8 which is going to bring back their momentarily lost reputation. Now all eyes are on Samsung’s upcoming Smartphone – the Galaxy S8 where Samsung has planned to bring out more changes and inclusions apart from just improving the specifications.  Samsung is working hard to make it point that the Galaxy S8 is going to be the best Smartphone, just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S7. Over the past few months, we have come across a lot of leaks and rumors hinting at the design, hardware and features of the Smartphone. Let us have a look at the features according to the rumors and find out how these are the ones that we have been waiting for till the release of the Galaxy S series.


    Let us give you the details about the variety of rumors that have been pouring in regarding the Galaxy S8. One of them being Samsung launching two different Galaxy S8 versions next year, including a regular and one with the plus size. According to some of the leaks we hear that the Galaxy S8 will support the S Pen stylus. Whereas previously we got the rumors which indicated that Samsung considered launching the Galaxy S8 with a built-in stylus, but somehow the company has dropped out that plan. Instead, Samsung has planned to sell the S Pen as an optional accessory for the Galaxy S8. Taking that in mind we feel that the Galaxy S8 Plus is rumored to have a 6-inch display, for which a stylus might indeed come in handy, and not only that it is going to make the phone look even more attractive with the addition of the accessory for all those who are looking for a trendy and stylish look of the phone. We do not have a clear idea as to whether the S Pen is going to be sold separately or its is going to be a part of the phone itself but in case one has to buy it separately then we can get the idea of the price which can be around 21$. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 as soon as February 2017 or by April at the latest, at which point we’ll also learn more details about the new galaxy S8 case crafted for what is expected to be one of the hottest phones of the year next year.

    In conclusion, with such attractive accessory it seems like Samsung is going to go overboard with making Galaxy S8 a revolutionary model. In order to find out more we simply have to wait till the launch of the phone which is scheduled next year on the month of April.