Press Photo of Google Nexus 6 out officially by evleaks


World knows that renowned leak agents- evleaks has retired officially but suddenly the emerged news had twisted this truth. The leak that has hit the market by this leak agent is not just news but an official snap of latest Nexus 6.

What is this picture all about?

nexus 6 leak image

The photograph shown here of Nexus 6 reflects its front panel that appears to be designed by metal. Two Inlays are there for working of antenna of a metal panel and it acts as a proof that it is made up of metal and not plastic. Plastic frame never demand two visible inlays. Android L Homescreen could be seen in this upcoming gadget. Google’s new innovative iconography could be experienced in it.


It is expected to have 5.9” QHD display and is designed by Motorola; hence you could call it as the introductory phablet of Nexus. The most impressive part is the presence of volume rocker and the button for unlock in the idle part of the right part of the gadget. Before this picture an ad of Google Video about the leakage of Android L and Nexus 6 which has simultaneously proved that the launching of both the gadget is imminent.

805 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is also included in this gadget along with RAM of 3GB with a quad-core Krait 450 CPU of 2.65GHz.A 13MP camera could be seen at the with  OIS erected among two flash LED’s