A Purported Image Fuels Rumors on Nexus 6 from Motorola


Rumors on Nexus 6 have been doing the rounds for quite a long time. The previous rumors indicated Nexus 6 will launch in the fall of 2014. There’s no official announcement over the release of Nexus 6. Based on recent pieces of news however, we’ve made some speculations that we’ll share with our readers in this article.

nexus 6

Weeks before the launch of a new device, the tech circuits normally stay busy discussing the possible features and the exact release date. When it comes to Nexus 6, we have plenty of sources that give us definitive information on how the device will be like and when we could expect it.

But before we begin discussing them, we should touch base with the erstwhile rumor that LG will be the manufacturer of Nexus 6. Two of the previous installments of the Nexus series; Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were built by LG. When LG G3 hit the shelves in May, analysts anticipated Nexus 6 to release in later part of this year with the same specs.

However, all the latest rumors echo one another that Motorola will be the maker of Nexus 6 and the device will be called Nexus X. One credible source is Android Police. The Android blog refers to unnamed but ‘trusted’ sources and published a picture of the alleged Nexus X. The device looks similar to Moto X, it’s only a bit a oversize.

Very recently, a device has made an appearance on GeekBench Test. The device is called Motorola Shamu and it is allegedly Nexus X or Nexus 6. The device scored 1040 in the single core test and 3199 in the multi core test. This uber impressive score beats all other top devices like iPhone 5S, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5.

Motorola being the manufacturer, may equip the alleged Google Nexus X with an array of exciting specs. If the rumors are to give any weight, Nexus X will have a remarkable display. The QHD screen will render 2560 x 1440 pixels images. The 2K resolution will make video watching a superbly funny experience.

Such amazing display will be accommodated by the 5.9 inch screen with pixel density being 498ppi. Other key features include 13MP back camera, 2MP front camera and 3200mAh battery. What really helps Google Nexus X stand out in the crowd is the the button configuration. The volume and power buttons will be placed down the side so users could access them easily. A bonus for users is stereo speakers that are front facing.

Not all rumored specs are not great though; the handset will reportedly sport a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB RAM. Most first-rated handsets come with these two features. A report published on 9to5mac suggests the device will have 32GB storage.

Android L will reportedly be the operating system of Nexus X. Mid-october is the professed release date of the device. Android L (displayed at the Google I/O) will release by the same time. Therefore, we should already start staying alert.

Tech journos receive invitation before a launch event. Hopefully, they’ll get it shortly from Motorola if the handset is to release this month. We are keeping our eyes open, any new news and our readers will be posted.