Rumors on Google Nexus 6 Specs Got Fueled After Images Got Leaked


Google released Nexus 5 in October 2013. Since then Google has been laying low. Of late however, a rumor has started to float that says Google is working on a next Smartphone, the successor of Nexus 5. It will be called Nexus 6 or Nexus X.


The device is rumored to have a 5.9 inch screen. The news was delivered by 9to5Google. According to 9to5Google, the upcoming Nexus phone will have structural similarity with Second Gen Moto X from Motorola. In this article, we’ll give a look at the new Moto X and try to speculate the features in Nexus 6.

9to5Google got their hands on two mock up images of an early version of the upcoming Nexus 6. The image shows large device with a massive screen. The screen is so big that it occupies almost 90% of the device. Due to such a large screen, Nexus 6 should be called Phablet and not Smartphone.

Of the two mock up images, one shows a camera in the back of the phone. Details regarding the camera are not out. But the camera looks powerful. Nexus 5 has a 8MP camera. Nexus 6 will reportedly come with a better quality camera. Unofficial sources held the resolution could be 13-15MP. However, by the time Nexus 6 will hit the shelves, top devices will have 20MP camera. So, Google needs to give Nexus 6 a camera with an impressive resolution.

The second generation Moto X has a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p display. It has a 13MP back camera with a dual LED ring flash. The front camera is 2MP. The phone runs on Android 4.4 KitKat, has 2400 mAh battery and offers 24 hours usage.

Interestingly, the features that Nexus 6 is rumored to bring around will be even better than those in Moto X. The screen size of Nexus 6 for example, will reportedly be 5.9 inch. Google Nexus 7 released with a 7 inch screen. It’s a Tablet in every sense. If Nexus 6 indeed comes with 6 inch screen, it will also be labelled as a Tablet and not a Phablet.

Some unnamed sources indicated Nexus 6 will have a 7 inch screen like Nexus 7. Such rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. Having said that, at the time of the release of Nexus 6, there will plenty of competitors in the industry, and they’ll have devices with giant screen.

Samsung Galaxy Mega for example, comes with two variants, one of which has 5.9 inch screen. iPhone 6 Plus has released recently with 5.5 inch screen. LG G3 has a 5.5 inch screen too. Phones with large screen are becoming popular very quickly. Nexus 6 therefore will be under pressure to arrive with a large screen.

The Phablet will have a display of 2560×1440 pixels resolution. It is called 2K resolution as it render finest quality display. LG G3, released in recent time, has similar display. The battery in Nexus 6 will reportedly be 3200 mAh.

Nexus 5 runs Android 4.4 KitKat. Nexus 6 will probably run Android 6.0 Milkshake or 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Samsung always gives its devices the latest Android.

All said, none of this rumored specs is confirmed. They are just rumors. We’ll get to know more about the device in forthcoming days and we’ll keep you posted.


  1. What is this bullshit?!? N6 is tablet? It will run Android 6.0 (!) ? “Samsung always gives its devices the latest Android.” – you mean – GOOGLE?!? And Android 5.0 will not be Key Lime Pie ‘couse its “L” time, not “K” you dumb ass. Not mention about 7 inch Nexus 6… READ FIRTS than publish. Or just read.