Rumoured Specifications of Google’s Nexus 6

Nexus 5, Google’s last year flagship smartphone bagged a lot of appreciation last year both from the critics as well as the users. Therefore, expectation from Nexus 6 is much greater. Though Google has made no official declaration regarding the specifications and features of Nexus 6, but enthusiasts have started speculating about the features of this flagship smartphone. Here is a list of the expected features of Nexus 6:


Nexus 5 was manufactured by Google in collaboration with LG. We are not sure whether Google is going to renew its alliance with LG or sign a new pact with Samsung this year for manufacturing Nexus 6. The design of the phone has a lot to do with the brand with which Google is planning to ally. Just in case Google signs a deal with Samsung for manufacturing Nexus 6, then we can definitely expect a slimmer and sleeker phone.

Last time we saw that Nexus 5 came with a plastic cover. We would definitely like to see an up-gradation in this feature. We are expecting a metal casing i.e. an aluminium casing this time. Metal body is expected from a all the flagship phones this year and whichever brand is going to fulfil this particular demand is definitely going to excel.

Nexus 6 is surely going to be powered by Android L. And just in case we are a bit lucky and the next version of the Android platform gets released by the time Nexus 6 is launched, then Nexus 6 is definitely going to have that.

Nexus 6 is rumoured to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 2GHzprocessor that will ensure unbeatable performance of the gadget. We are expecting the processor to be supported by 3GB of RAM. Moreover, 64 bit chipset is being expected from most of the flagship smartphones of 2014, Nexus 6 being one of 2014’s flagship smartphone, it is no exception to that.

Nexus 5 had a 4.95 inch display screen. In Nexus 6 we are expecting a 5.2 inch screen that will have a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. In addition, we might also get to see edge to edge screen which will make the screen larger and at the phone appear smarter. And it will also have 13 MP primary camera and 2 MP secondary camera that will ensure superior picture quality. Optical image stabilization facility was already present in Nexus 5, therefore Nexus 6 is definitely going to inherit that.

As time pass by, we are sure that there will be more rumours as well as facts to add on this list, until then stay tuned with us!!