The best electric toothbrush in the market right now


Brushing our teeth is a part of our daily life right now. But surveys have shown us that only 30% of us are brushing our teeth the way we are supposed to. There have also been many inventions and development done in the field of oral hygiene. Electric toothbrushes are one of these. The new inventions are supposed to be way better than manual brushes and allow us to brush as long as we want without getting tired.


So what are some of the best electric toothbrushes?

After many researches, hands on testing and reviews we have created a list of best electric toothbrush. All the toothbrushes mentioned here are unique in their own ways and advanced features and customization.

1.Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush

This beautiful piece of device is made with glass and hence explains its glossy and smooth appearance. The brush comes with a glass charger pad, where the brush can be placed in order to charge. Supporting more than 5 modes, this toothbrush can be customized uniquely for every person out there. The only downside for this toothbrush is that it has only one button and hence one has to loop in order to get to the desired mode.

  1. ISSA Sonic Toothbrush

This amazing piece of gadget comes with silicon finish and is equipped with sonic pulse technology. The unique design and soft brushes will work magic on your gum and teeth and reaches every nooks and corners which would otherwise be inefficient and difficult with a manual one. The down side of this toothbrush is that, the button provided is extra sensitive. This makes the toothbrush switch on and off abruptly when you are brushing.

3.Philips Sonicare for kids

This special toothbrush is developed with kids in mind. Getting our kids to brush the teeth every night and morning can be a very tedious and tiring task. But this toothbrush with unique shape and design claims to make that job easier. This toothbrush also connects with their application via bluetooth and the kids can control a special character   called Sparkly. This interactive session will make brushing more fun and thrilling for little kids which will eventually help them to get into a habit of brushing daily.

4.Colgate pro clinical expert white

 This toothbrush is not your average electric toothbrush. This smart toothbrush has an inbuilt timer and will remind you that you have brushed enough time on a specific part and it’s time to move on to other parts. The only downside to this toothbrush is that the shape of the head that it comes with is oval instead of round and this makes it difficult to reach those hard and difficult parts in our teeth and gum.

  1. Colgate pro clinical pocket provided

This electric toothbrush is specially made for all those travelers and can be the perfect companion for you during that weekend getaway. This electric toothbrush is light in weight, has super-fast charging capability and is small in size. It can be plugged into USB to charge it anywhere and anytime.