What to expect From Mi 6? : Mi 5 vs Mi 6


One of the most well known Smartphone manufacturing companies Xiaomi is known for producing smart phones that are deemed to the best when it comes to the style as well as the durability of the phone itself.  With the grand success of the last release Mi 5, Xiaomi has come up with their latest production which is going to be officially introduced in the major western countries like USA, Canada, etc. for the first time. Rumors are a big part of any latest production and Mi 6 is also a part of this pool of rumors. But the best way to understand that the Mi 6 is going to be the best when it comes the Mi series of Xiaomi we provide a comparison between the last release Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi 6.


Mi 5 vs Mi 6


The Mi5 was powered with 820 processor in the Snapdragon portfolio, that supported features such as X12 LTE support for blazing fast internet speeds, a Kryo CPU, a Hexagon 680 DSP, Adreno 530 GPU and Advanced Spectra Camera ISP. Other features of this processor include Quick Charge 3.0, Versatile LTE-U and always-on sensors. This is the only phone confirmed to come with this processor is the LeTV Le Max Pro that was unveiled at CES 2016.

Now coming to Mi 6 it will be coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor but the processor is going to be better than the last one. In the Mi 5, it was counted as 2.3 GHz. Mi 6 is most likely to bring 2.5 or 2.7 GHz processor.


The Mi5 cameras offered 20MP rear and 8MP front sensors, with the rear camera likely to have phase detection auto focus, as seen on the Redmi Note 3.

While the Xiaomi Mi 6 a combined with a 23 Megapixel huge rear camera quality while the front shooter will be 7 Megapixels.


Mi 5 came with a 1,080p resolution display, and the resolution was to good, an optimal screen size of 5-inches to 5.2-inches can be expected to preserve the pixel density.

Mi 6 will be coming with a 4K display and will be highly protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for a pocket-friendly price rate. The resolution is to be counted as 4096 x 2160. An extra screen size with 5.0″ is also expected with the upcoming Mi set.


Mi 5 costed around  2,499 Yuan  which was bout Rs.26,250 and was unveiled in two events in Beijing and at MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

Regarding the prices of the Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone have been released according to the countries in which it is going to be released in . In the United States, the Xiaomi Mi6 is priced at 499.99 USD; in Canada, it costs 655 CAD; 385 GBP in the United Kingdom; 650 AUD in Australia; 430 DEM in Germany; 670 SGD in Singapore; 3325 CNY in China; and Rs. 33,380 in India.