Windows 11: What We Want From Microsoft


Windows is not just a product but it is a legacy which Microsoft has given to the world. It’s a product that changed the world and today the world totally seems impossible without an operating system like windows. From mobile to laptops and servers to tablets, everything runs of windows. In recent year Microsoft has rolled out a couple of versions of windows where the user interface have been totally changed.


From the disappearance of the start button in windows 8 to bring it back in windows 10. We have witnessed each and every thing rolling out.

Here is a list of features which we want Microsoft to add in next windows which may be named as windows 11.

  • First and foremost thing that we would like Microsoft to implement in windows is high resolution graphics and animations like that in apple’s mac
  • We would also like a completely integrated iOS which can communicate more efficiently with the mobile device and other device. If windows can get a compatibility with apple’s iPhone, i am sure a lot of people would switch to windows
  • In recent windows, Microsoft embedded Cortana in its operating system but that needs a lot of condition. It is nowhere equal to what Siri feels like, hence a better artificial intelligence powered assistance will be really helpful.
  • Since most of the laptops are powered with a touchscreen, a user interface which is optimized for the use with touch screen would do wonders and increase the popularity of Microsoft powered device by four fold.
  • Recently there had been videos of Microsoft’s operating system integration with a virtual reality device like HoloLens. The user experience in such device was like that of a fairy-tale. If a version of operating system can be developed which totally supports virtual reality, it would help in improving the learning curve for various age.
  • We also do not want forced updates for the new operating system. We want Microsoft to let people adapt to windows 11 at their own pace. A lot of people were unhappy about forced windows 10 update and it was also reported that Microsoft was sued by a few people for the controversial updates.
  • With windows 11, we also expect Microsoft to test the new operating system for bugs and develop an extensive knowledge base to their customer care executive before the windows 11 is live. People faced a lot of issues when windows 10 went live. Customer service executive were not able to resolve peoples query.
  • Microsoft is indeed great with performance management but with depleting hardware space, hardware tends to slowdown. Microsoft should address this issue in the next windows 11.
  • Since Xbox is also owned by Microsoft, a version of windows 11 which supports all Xbox game would win hearts all over the world. In country like India, most of the people would prefer buying a laptop then buying an Xbox and since Microsoft’s major source of revenue is through game licensing, i am sure that if Microsoft rolls out a version which is meant for gamers, it would gain popularity pretty quick. The only hurdle here could be the hardware compatibility.

Indeed we are expecting a lot from Microsoft for the next windows 11 but well Microsoft stands for performance and we are not wrong in expecting a hassle free, superior upgrade to the technology which we are using presently.